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Choosing NLU Meg means choosing futuristic education that combines academic excellence with a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Learning experience will be enriched through the contribution of exceptionally bright academic minds in addition to the experience and wisdom drawn from practitioners from various professions and industries.

Our library is a knowledge management system, more than just a collection of books - it's a hub for research and scholarship, offering optimal resources that enable students to explore law and other domains and its applications in-depth.

The inclusive and supportive learning environment fosters a sense of belonging and community engagement encourages students to explore their passions and interests. The students have the freedom to pursue personalised learnings and take initiatives, conceiving new ideas and transform imaginations into realities.

With a non-conformist academic mind, NLU Meg offers a range of non-taught advisory courses for a futuristic educational experience.


Prof. Indrajit Dube Vice-Chancellor of NLU Meghalaya

With greetings from its pristine glistening forest glades, untouched emerald hills, sanctified with its unsullied air, thawed hearts on the roller coaster roads flanked with sun-kissed waterfalls and forest pines, ‘Scotland of the East’ welcomes you to the National Law University Meghalaya (NLU Meg). Nestled in the city’s heart, the dynamic campus offers one of its kind interdisciplinary programmes.

I have a dream to build a University which will have a modern outlook towards knowledge creation and skill generation and be commensurate with international standards in the interdisciplinary study of laws. To me, the law is an organic discipline and ever-changing with social realities and technological developments...
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National Law University Meghalaya provides unparalleled opportunities to study law with extraordinary colleagues in a rigorous, vibrant, and collaborative environment with our faculties.

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