Dr. S Elika Assumi Assistant Professor

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  • elika@nlumeg.ac.in

Areas of Interest

Inter-disciplinary approaches to cultural experiences, literary studies, cultural theory, indigenous studies, migration studies, mobility/mobilities, gender identity and expressions, popular culture, representations

Membership Details
  • Life member of the Indian Association of Women’s Studies (IAWS)
  • Member of the North-East Writers’ Forum (NEWF)

Research Statement

My primary research endeavours have originated from a deep-seated concern for issues pertinent to the Northeastern region of India. These investigations intricately scrutinize the facets of culture and politics within the contemporary landscape of the North-East, with intersecting arenas of negotiation framed through narratives emanating from and pertaining to this contested geographical region. Presently, my research undertakings concentrate sharply on matters associated with my native state, Nagaland. Specifically, my focus extends to its tumultuous historical trajectory and the discourses that have arisen concerning insurgency and the inherent challenges surrounding the feasibility of dialogue.

In the course of this scholarly exploration, I express a keen interest in delving into the tropes embedded within literary narratives, which serves as intermediate spaces for elucidating the foundations and strategies shaping individual identities. These narrative realms function as dynamic negotiation sites within the contemporary realities faced by the Naga individual, encompassing inquiries into identities, while navigating the broader global context beyond Nagaland. In this intellectual pursuit, literature and lived identity politics emerge as contested arenas within the broader discourse surrounding Northeastern politics. I perceive literary portrayals of Naga lives, storytelling, and narration as instrumental in grappling with everyday lives, including the evolving legal dimensions. My research scope extends to the exploration of experiential narratives delineating the lives of women and indigenous communities, with a specific focus on migration, mobility, work, and health. Additionally, I harbour a profound interest in cinematic and performative expressions embedded within the urban milieu of Northeastern communities. This inquiry seeks to unveil the potential for a historiographical examination of prevailing and emerging practices within the realm of performative culture, highlighting diverse tropes that elucidate the intricate connections between language, culture, and identity formation in the contemporary Northeastern contexts. This endeavour aims not only to expand the horizons of literary and cultural studies related to the Northeast but also to comprehend the interlinked nature of such representations within a broader discursive framework.

As substantiated by empirical evidences, I have actively pursued these research interests to date through engaging in ethnographic studies across diverse contexts. Looking ahead, I envisage a continued and expanded commitment to these realms of experimental and empirical inquiries. In alignment with the ethos of National Law University Meghalaya (NLU Meg), my research pursuits align with its emphasis on academic rigour, research excellence, and a holistic approach to sustainability within the current paradigms of research studies.


  • Course Number & List of the Courses / Courses Offered
  • FC10009 - Art of Communication
  • FC10008 - Business Data Management
  • DP50503 - Environmental Policy
  • DP50501 - Ethics in Policy Making
  • PL40003 - Legal Research Methodology II