Dr Basil N. Darlong Diengdoh Assistant Professor

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  • basildd@nlumeg.ac.in

Areas of Interest
English writing from North East India, digital cultures, comics

Membership Details

English Language Teacher's Association of India (ELTAI) Membership ID: E21M00552

Research Statement

The convergence of critical theory, literary studies, and legal developments presents a shared lineage characterized by ongoing debates, dialogues, and the navigation of moral complexities. Central to this shared heritage is the imperative to devise a vocabulary that strikes a delicate balance, offering nuanced perspectives and fostering the inclusion of vulnerable voices. My academic journey, encompassing a Master's in English Literature and a Ph.D. in Commonwealth Literature, inherently resides within the literary domain. However, my evolving research trajectory has decisively pivoted towards a dynamic interdisciplinary realm, with a specific focus on the North-East.

In tandem with the ethos of National Law University Meghalaya (NLU Meg), which champions academic excellence, research prowess, and an interdomain commitment to a forward-thinking mindset, my collaborative efforts and published works delve into the intricacies of tribal polity. I have undertaken endeavours to explore reshaping of the North-East in the context of emerging digital cultures. Simultaneously, my academic pursuits extend to the examination of philosophies concerning the mind and body within the Western paradigm. More recently, I have embarked on an exploration of prison writing in India, delving into the rights of undertrials.

My scholarly curiosity remains deeply rooted in the diverse facets of the North-East, encompassing its English literatures, unique cultures, constitutional positioning vis-à-vis the colonial legacy, multifaceted histories, conflicts, and the continual reframing of the region in dynamic ways. My commitment to rigorous and impactful research aligns seamlessly with the mission of NLU Meg. I aspire to contribute meaningfully to a comprehensive understanding of the region's peoples and their aspirations.

To achieve this goal, I adhere steadfastly to the robust fundamentals of research in the Humanities and Legal Studies. This encompasses the systematic identification and formulation of research problems, meticulous literature collection and review, judicious utilization of library materials and archives, ethical acquisition and deployment of primary and secondary sources, engagement in field studies, transparent citation practices, acknowledgment of utilized ideas, and the creation of an updated and comprehensive bibliography, works cited, references, and appendices. Embracing new critical, theoretical perspectives and idioms, I endeavour to enrich the academic landscape with my research, embodying the commitment to excellence exemplified by National Law University Meghalaya.


Course Number & List of the Courses / Courses Offered

  • UG : Foundational Course: Law and Language
  • LL.M : Open Elective: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)