Join NLU Meg for your PhD Journey

Embark on a transformative academic journey at National Law University Meghalaya (NLU Meg), where forward-thinking individuals with a keen understanding of technology’s role in today’s dynamic educational landscape are invited to delve into research. NLU Meg is committed to nurturing the future leaders and strives for progressive higher education.

Explore Our Campus

Nestled amidst the picturesque vistas of Shillong, NLU Meg boasts a heritage campus adorned with architectural brilliance and equipped with cutting-edge facilities. Our classrooms transcend traditional boundaries, offering a seamless blend of tradition and technology, fostering innovation and academic excellence.

Dynamic Learning Environment

At NLU Meg, we believe that education is not just imparted but crafted into a holistic and transformative experience. Our hybrid classrooms leverage advanced technology to ensure an immersive learning experience. With expansive journal databases and a technology-driven Learning Management System, we empower our scholars to thrive in a digitally enhanced academic setting.

Diverse PhD Opportunities

We welcome PhD candidates from various disciplines including Law, Policy Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Data Science. At NLU Meg, a PhD candidate may belong to one of the following Categories :

  • Regular Assistantship, Individual Fellowship (CSIR/ UGC/ DBT/ INSPIRE/ ICMR etc.), Project, Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) [under AICTE and UGC], University Employee.
  • Sponsored, Working Professional, Hon’ble Judge of High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Foreign National.

Details of the Categories

  • A PhD candidate in the Regular Assistantship (University research student) is eligible for getting a University Research Fellowship, as approved by the Academic Council.
  • A PhD candidate in the Individual Fellowship joins the University’s PhD programme as an individual student and receives funding from agencies such as UGC/ CSIR/ DBT/ INSPIRE/ ICSSR.
  • A PhD candidate in the Sponsored category is one who is sponsored by an organisation of repute for the PhD programme.
  • A PhD candidate in the Project category is one who works either as a research fellow or as research staff in a University project.
  • A research candidate under the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP), is a sponsored faculty member of another University who is selected for admission to the PhD programme.
  • A PhD candidate in the University-Employee category (University Employee Research candidate) is a permanent/tenure/research fellow employee of the University who is sponsored by the University for the PhD programme.
  • A non-Indian PhD candidate will belong to the Foreign National category (Foreign research candidate).
  • A PhD candidate in the working professional category is a working professional with bright academic background and employed in well-established and reputed organization (private/government), research organizations, and Ministries of Central and State Governments with two years of experience.

The University is completely residential, except for the Hon’ble Judges (including retired) of High Court and Supreme Court, and every candidate is required to stay in the Halls of Residence.

Details of the Categories

The University Research Council (URC) retains the authority to review and extend invitations to candidates for the selection process at its discretion. Any decision made by the University is final and binding.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Admission to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programme:

All candidates seeking admission to the PhD program under the categories mentioned above shall have to possess requisite marks/grades in the qualifying degree as shown below:

A) Minimum 60% marks or a CGPA of 6.5 in 10-point scale in the qualifying examination in Law/ Engineering/ Science/ Commerce/ Management/ Humanities/ Social Science/ MBBS and/or equivalent.

B) Exception will be made for working professionals and the Hon’ble Judges of High Court and Supreme Court for minimum marks requirement.

Note: The CGPA will not be converted into percentage marks if the degree awarding Institute provides marks in CGPA system. Their admission will be based on the CGPA awarded in the transcript.

** Minimum qualifying degree required for seeking admission to the PhD Programme:

A) LL.M (2 years programme /1 year programme) after EITHER at least 5 years of integrated LL.B degree after 10+2 examination OR 3 years LL.B degree after 10+2+3 examination. For Hon’ble Judges of High Court and Supreme Court and professionals with ten (10) years’ experience, the LL.M may be waived, and decision of the URC will be final and binding.
B) Dual Degree BA/BBA/BS LL.B Honours with Double Major from National Law University Meghalaya.
C) MBA/ PG Diploma in Management of 2-year duration (after completion of B.Tech/ M.Sc/ MA/ M.Com).
D) M.Sc. (Master of Science) / MA (Master of Arts) / M.Phil. (1 year).
E) M.Tech (Master of Technology) / MS / ME (Master of Engineering)/ M.Sc. (Engg.) / MA
F) M. Arch./ MCP (Master of City Planning) / MRP (Master of Regional Planning)
G) M.Phil. (2 years programme)
I) An equivalent of the aforesaid degree

Application Process

To apply, visit our portal at Admission Portal, register, and complete the online application (the portal will guide you step-by-step). Submit two letters of recommendation on official letterheads of the referees (to be uploaded in a PDF format by the referee themselves in the provided link which will automatically sent to the referees’ email ID), pay the application fee, and verify your details before submission. Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed, and application fees are non-refundable.

Application Fees

Indian Nationals (Regular, Individual, Project, QIP, University Employee): Rs. 4,800/-
Sponsored, Working Professionals, Judge: Rs. 12,000/-
Foreign Nationals: Rs. 6,200/-

Programme Fees (per Trimester)

Trimester Fees (Regular, Individual, Project, QIP, University Employee): Rs. 70,000/-
Trimester Fees (Sponsored, Working Professionals, Judge): Rs. 94,000/-
Trimester Fees (Foreign Nationals): Rs. 82,000/-

The candidate is required to pay the Trimester Fees until the submission of the thesis. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) process will be governed by the National Law University Meghalaya Doctor of Philosophy Regulation 2023.

Residential Fees

HRA of Fellowship

Rs. 18,000/- per month for Foreign and Sponsored candidates.

Important Dates

PhD Admissions are open from 1st February to 30th March 2024

The detailed admission procedures and further information will be notified to the individual candidate upon the scrutiny of the applications based on National Law University Meghalaya Doctor of Philosophy Regulation 2023.