Dr. Umeshwari Dkhar Assistant Professor

  • +91 364-350770
  • udkhar@nlumeg.ac.in

Areas of Interest
  • Constitution Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights & Indigenous Study

Research Repositories

Membership Details
  • Honorary Director of Positive Energy Art Foundation
  • Assistant Editors at Harvest: An International Multidisciplinary and Multilingual Research Journal E-ISSN :2582-9866

Research Statement

My research work has been deeply rooted in the vibrant and multifaceted culture and traditions of Meghalaya, a Northeastern state of India known for its rich ethnic diversity and unique cultural heritage. My research seeks to unravel the intricate workings of the Sixth Schedule, for example, its implications on traditional legal institutions, indigenous knowledge and the multifaceted nature of customary practices both extant and archaic. This unique constitutional provision, aimed at safeguarding the rights and autonomy of tribal communities in the region, is a point of research focus as many customary practices are yet to be documented. I am interested in exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the Sixth Schedule in the state of Meghalaya and its implications on the cultural, legal and social aspects of the communities living here. Further, my research interests also lie at the intersection of criminal and constitutional law, where the fundamental principles of justice, individual rights, and the rule of law converge. I am deeply committed to explore the complex interplay between these two areas of law and their implications for the legal systems of democratic societies.


  • Reading the Law (FC10001)
  • Law of Contract (CL20002)
  • Thoeries of Criminology (PL50302)