Ankita Chakraborty Assistant Professor

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Areas of Interest

Gender Justice and Criminal Law, Criminology, Victimology

Membership Details
  • Indian Society of Victimology
  • Reviewer at Crime, Law, and Social Change, Springer Nature

Research Statement

My research at the University is centered on two pivotal areas: the rights of women within the Indian Criminal Justice System, particularly in relation to commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), and the protection of India's indigenous and traditional knowledge against intellectual property misappropriation.

In the realm of Criminal Law, my focus extends beyond the specific issue of CSE to encompass a broader critique of the systemic challenges within the Indian Criminal Justice System. This involves a nuanced examination of the legal frameworks and their colonial legacies, which continue to impact the efficacy of women's rights in India. My approach is not limited to legislative analysis but also includes direct interactions with CSE victims. This dual methodology aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the issues and advocate for legal reforms that are both progressive and victim-centric.

The second aspect of my research addresses the erosion and misappropriation of indigenous and traditional knowledge in India. I advocate for a sui generis system tailored to protect this knowledge. This endeavour is not just about preserving the cultural heritage but also ensuring justice and recognition for the indigenous communities as rightful custodians of their intellectual property.

In essence, my research is a blend of critical legal analysis and proactive policy advocacy, addressing key issues in contemporary Indian society and aiming to create a more just and equitable legal system.


  • Criminology
  • Victimology
  • Family Law
  • Academic Writing