Darren Tham Research Fellow

  • +91 364-3507700 (54)
  • d.tham@nlumeg.ac.in

Areas of Interest
  • International Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Multinational Corporations and Human Rights
  • Global Trade and Investment Regulation
  • Emerging Technologies and Legal Challenges

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Research Statement

I am deeply passionate about exploring the intricate intersection of International Law and Corporate Law and its profound impact on shaping our increasingly globalized world. Within this dynamic field, my research interests are multifaceted, delving into key areas that captivate my curiosity and dedication.

One focal point of my research revolves around Investment Treaty Arbitration. Here, I aim to unravel the intricate interplays between international investment agreements and domestic regulations. Specifically, my focus lies on navigating issues such as corporate social responsibility and environmental protection within the complex realm of arbitration proceedings.

Another critical area that commands my attention is the nexus between Multinational Corporations and Human Rights. My research endeavours involve a meticulous analysis of the legal frameworks governing corporate accountability, particularly when it comes to human right violations committed by subsidiaries or within the extensive supply chains.

Further, I am committed to scrutinizing the Regulation of Global Trade and Investment. In this realm, my research explores the profound impact of trade agreements and investment treaties on domestic regulations. I aim to uncover potential avenues for harmonization while balancing economic interests with crucial social and environmental concerns.

Finally, my research extends to the realm of Emerging Technologies and Legal Challenges. Here, I am dedicated to investigating the legal implications stemming from the integration of ground breaking technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. I seek to understand how these innovations reshape the landscape of International Law and Corporate Governance.

In summary, my research pursuits are driven by a desire to contribute valuable insights to these critical areas, fostering a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics within the realms of International Law and Corporate Law.


Courses / Courses Offered

  • Corporate Anatomy
  • Corporate Insolvency (PL50105)
  • Law of Contracts (CL20002)